Behind The Motion: Beartooth

Behind The Motion: Beartooth


We interviewed Beartooth at their show in the Muziekodroom. Here are some remarkable quotes & photo's.

Text: Timo Claes
Photo's: Nathan Dobbelaere

I’ve made my job out of my hobby!

16.11.2016 // Caleb Shomo - Beartooth // Muziekodroom, Hasselt
"I’ve been doing this kind of thing, making music by myself for years. So I don’t know if it’s just that I’m used to this at this point. It’s way faster and more productive for me to do it alone. I don’t have any other distractions. There is literally nobody so I’m just alone. I have my computer, my instruments and all my hardware. I’m just recording until something sounds good. That’s pretty much it. I’ve made my job out of my hobby. I’ve never worked a day in life." - Caleb Shomo (Beartooth)

Craziest thing that happend on stage?

16.11.2016 // Kamron Bradbury - Beartooth // Muziekodroom, Hasselt
"Craziest thing that happened on stage? Oshie Bichar, our bass player, his first tour he did with us. He stage dove on the second to last song and dislocated his shoulder. And he needed to go to the hospital immediately. He didn’t finish the set and Caleb picked up the bass and played the rest of the show on the bass and sang. And Oshie was off for about a week. But luckily we had other people to fill in on the next shows." - Kamron Bradbury (Beartooth)

Music is my way to express the struggles in life.

16.11.2016 // Beartooth // Muziekodroom, Hasselt
"All of Disgusting is about personal stuff that I’ve gone through, struggles I’ve gone through in life. Music Is my way to express it." - Caleb Shomo (Beartooth)

I'll never play "Sick and Disgusting" live.

16.11.2016 // Beartooth // Muziekodroom, Hasselt
"Sick and Disgusting is a very emotional song. I didn’t even want to put it on the record to be honest, but I felt like I’d be doing a disservice to the album if it wasn’t on it. But it’s weird, I will never play that song live, I don’t like listening to it. But it fits on the album, it has its place on it." - Caleb Shomo (Beartooth)

Timo Claes

Timo Claes

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