6 killer tips to promote your photography skills

6 killer tips to promote your photography skills

During the past few years, working with countless photographers, we learned a few things about promoting photography and personal branding via Social Media. Below we’ll show a few Belgian examples, but they all have the same basic recurring features:

1 // The main goal for photographers is to get people to see their pictures. Best way to accomplish this is to build a following. People who like your photos will always end up on your website.

2 // Try to get a few photos online as soon as possible. Bands and promoters like to post ‘thank you’-images as soon as the event ends.

3 // Try to deliver 6 quality photos per show. Not a random number. It’s 6, because this way you can use 1 photo exclusively for each platform; this way you give your fans a reason to follow you on each platform. Tip: try to include a watermark on every photo, so people can track them back to you!

4 // People who attended the show are going to look for pictures as well (to see if they are in the photos,..). The first thing they’ll try is to search via (hash) tags & location.

5 // The key to getting your content viral, is by making sure you have an original description. Tip: humor works just fine!

6 // Be consistent. Try to upload your photo’s on a regularly basis, so your followers have something to count down for.

Flickr - Source

Music Photography // FlickrMusic Photography // Flickr

The perfect example for Flickr is a Belgian Music blog Enola.be. Each of their photos includes general tags (“Musician”, “People”,..) and very specific tags (“Dour 2016”, “Double Veterans”,...).

Only thing missing here is a watermark (for people who want to repost the photo on other networks) and a small description.

Facebook - Source

Music Photography // Facebook

Facebook is the perfect platform to promote your work towards users that already like your work. It’s the perfect tool to create visibility, to show what you’re up to. Only disadvantage? It can be expensive as hell to reach new users.

The “Bring Me The Horizon - Ancienne Belgique (05/04/16)” album Nathan Dobbelaere created on facebook, is applying every tip we mentioned above:

- A clear album title
- Tags the bands & the partners he has worked with
- Posts his photographs a few hours after the concert
- Sponsors his post for 2 days, targets on band (“Bring Me The Horizon”) and venue (“Ancienne Belgique”). Limits it to a specific region (“Belgium”). You can keep your costs low, by targeting as specific as possible. Extra tip: only ‘sponsor’ the galleries you know will “boom”. (Take in account the quality of your photos, how many visitors the show had, how many fans the band has in your area,..)

Twitter - Source

Music Photography // Twitter

Twitter’s biggest problem is that a tweet has a timespan of 20 minutes. The most important thing here is to time your tweets and focus on visibility. That’s why we advise to post 4 photos, tag every band (member) and use a specific hashtag.

The main goal here is to get people to retweet your post.

Instagram - Source

Music Photography // Instagram

Instagram is ‘the way to go’ if you want to brand yourself as a “Digital creative”. It’s easy to reach new fans, you need a minimum effort to keep your portfolio up-to-date and you’re in direct contact with your fanbase.
Only tip we can give here: tag!

Tag the band (members), promotors, magazines, and the venue in the post and description. Chances are that they’ll shout-out or even repost the photo if they like it. Pro tip: The sooner a photo is online after an event, the more luck you’ll have. It’s all about momentum.

Don’t forget about the (general and specific) hashtags, this way people who are searching for the event / band will easily find it.

Foursquare - Source

Music Photography // Foursquare

We’re aware that swarm and foursquare aren’t the first choices to promote your photos, but .. why not? Everyone who’s using these platforms are familiar with the ‘Check In’ function. After checking in, people will see a “tip” from other users who checked in before you.

Best practice? Most photographers are always shooting in the same venue, so they could use this function for general branding. Tip: “I’m a photographer who shot a few shows in this venue. You can see my work at <insert website>”.

For festivals, we advise to link to your yearly album (include the dates in your description)!

Tumblr - Source

Music Photography // Tumblr

Tumblr has a great international user base and it’s a great way to launch your name with the younger public. The most important things you’ll need to focus on? An original / unique photo and using the right tags!

Start promoting your photography!

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